是否有任何快速命令或脚本来检查安装的CUDA版本? 我在安装目录下找到了4.0的手册,但我不确定它是否是实际安装的版本。 #1楼 安装CUDA之后,可以通过以下方式检查版本:nvcc -V 我安装了5.0...

clGetDeviceInfo and clGetPlatformInfo fails in OpenCL with error code -30 (CL_INVALID_VALUE)

I am starting to write a little "engine" for using OpenCL. Now, I encountered a problem that is quite strange. When I call clGetDeviceInfo() to query informations of the specific device, some of the options for the parameter param_name return the error code -30 ( = CL_INVALID_VALUE). A very famous

Finding Minimum Value in Array and its index using CUDA __shfl_down function

I am writing a function which will find the minimum value and the index at which value was found a 1D array using CUDA. I started by modifying the reduction code for finding sum of values in 1d array. The code work fine for sum function but I am not able to get it work for finding minimum. I am