How do I pass a variable inside of an ajax call which is inside of a for loop (javascript)?

Working with an api and I need to one of the first responses alongside with the second response in order to serve up a new page. The problem I'm facing is that my variable $x is always set to whatever the last # is in the loop, ie 103 in this specific case. Here is my code: $.ajax({ dataType: 'text'

小白干货:Nginx Rewrite的六个常见应用场景

Nginx Rewrite 应用场景 前言:上一篇博客我们已经大概了解Nginx rewrite了,这次我们就不过多掰掰了,我们单刀直入,直接开搞!这次的实验应用场景可是实战类型的,实用性很强。干货教学~ 1.场景一 我们先用yum安装一个nginx,然后再实现rewrite的功能 首先我们得先将官方的源给装进来,否则我们无法用yum 直接安装nginx 搞定后偶们就可以正常安装nginx了 ...