setPluginsEnabled(true) and setPluginState(WebSettings.PluginState) deprecated, what should i do?

this code worked fine since I updated to API 19 and the method setPluginsEnabled(true) from the type WebSettings is now deprecated. I faced that the method setPluginState(PluginState.ON) would be a solution but it is deprecated too. What could i do? I found these posts A , B , C that some people had

Overriding FOSUserBundle

I want to override FOSUserBundle so that I can add extra fields(name,avatar,...) to user entity . I also want to create a command like fos:user:create for creating user,so I create createUserCommand.php and override UserManipulator.php but when runnig command it comes with this error Column 'name'

Is the gdiff library obsolete?

I just had a closer look at the gdiff library and wondered if some of the work there could be shifted into GHC Generics and/or Typeables. To make this a solid question: could the library be improved and deflated by utilizing features available in current ghc versions? 本文所载内容均为作者本人观点,与本站无关。 来源:https:

WildFly - EJB invocations from a remote client - Operation failed with status WAITING

Following is my code to invoke an ejb, but it wait for the connection and get failed. I changed the port to 4447 but no luck. private DataGridService lookupRemoteEJB() throws NamingException { Context context = null; try { Properties clientProperties = new Properties(); clientProperties.put("remote